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About the company

ENVIS Žilina, s.r.o.

Where is water, there is life; where is life, there is a need for infrastructure. Since 2007, our company has been contributing to this by realization of water supply and sewerage systems, so that the water always finds the right way from nature to people and back again.

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About us

Envis Žilina, s.r.o. brings its clients high quality services related to the realization and consulting in the field of engineering and civil engineering from design to realization.

Thanks to the colleagues who work in the company and the satisfied clients who turn to us with confidence, we can provide our services year after year and build a confident company that can overcome challenges and contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

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Company values

We place emphasis on quality work

Our goal is to be your reliable partner

We can adapt to situations as they arise

We count on high time efficiency

We have a responsible approach to the environment

Company objectives

  • lasting client satisfaction
  • a long-term and steadily growing economic
    company result
  • enhancing the personal development of staff
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Selected references

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Hypermarket Kaufland Tvrdošín


Shop and warehouse SCONTO furniture, Žilina


G-TES Project Nitra


D4R7 - seepage systems on the R7 expressway


D4R7 - Expressway R7 Dunajská Lužná - Holice


Púchov-Považská Bystrica - Tunel Milochov - fire water supply


Hornbach Shopping Centre Nitra


Residential houses "Rezidencia pri Kaštieli" Kynek, Nitra


Expressway R2 Kriváň - Lovinobaňa, Tomášovce (section Mýtna - Tomášovce)


Partners and clients

Envis Žilina s.r.o
Hruštiny 602,
010 01 Žilina