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Activities and services

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Engineering constructions

  • External gravity and pressure pipelines, sewer connections made of PVC, PP, HDPE and OLS
  • External horizontal underground piping
  • Relocation of existing water mains, sewers and gas pipelines
  • Internal underground piping and PPR systems, installation of fittings
  • Controlled extrusion of different types of protectors
  • Realization of water reservoirs of different volumes
  • Instalation technological equipment of water management structures, such as pumping stations, oil separators, grease traps, etc.
  • Storage tanks and rainwater harvesting systems, retention systems
  • Flood protection measures
  • Footpaths, car parks, forest roads and special purpose roads
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Building constructions

  • Excavation and demolition works
  • Monolithic and reinforced concrete structures
  • Establishment and construction of multifunctional buildings, family houses and industrial halls
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We also offer

  • Consulting in the field of utilities
  • Design and engineering activities
  • Pressure and camera tests of sewer pipes
  • Freight car transport
  • The performance of the activities of the site supervisor on linear and ground constructions
  • Business activity in the field of building materials

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